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Reclaim your Primary Relationship with Self
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Inside the Life you Already Have.
As human beings we all long to experience true intimacy and connection with Source, intimate “others” and ourselves.
And yet— we can also unconsciously fear and avoid this intimacy the most. Due to early developmental trauma, ancestral trauma and our cultural context at large, our innocent longing for communion as well as our essential need for sovereignty can be clouded and marooned by a myriad of mis-perceptions, making it seem impossible to fulfill.
“We are in the midst of an epidemic of loneliness. Though modern technology purports to “connect” us like never before, we live increasingly isolated and insulated lives, painfully disconnected from each other, from our values, and from ourselves. Indeed, almost 70 percent of Americans report they don’t have a single person they can confide in.” Says, Kristine Klussman, PHD, the developer of Connection Theory.

At the root of this epidemic is that we are estranged from ourselves, says, “Moi”.
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Are You Longing To Feel Connected?
To Yourself?
To Your Body?
To Your Heart?
To Your Values?
To the Source of What Truly Brings you Alive?
In other words, to the Creative Force of your Life.
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In this Free 5-Day Journey You Will:
 Connect with your Heart to feel fully present and safe in your body.
Connect with your Gut to get in touch with your core needs, establish and confidently express your personal boundaries.
Connect with your Core to develop Trust in yourself & your choices.

Discover how Reclaiming your Primary Relationship with self is the basis for authentic connection with another.

Discover Embodied Intimacy Practices for regulating your nervous system and opening to new dimensions of being grounded in your Vitality.
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For one hour each day, you will:
Receive a guided journey of discovery through the 5 fields of awareness. You must tend and attune to these 5 fields if you desire to live from a more embodied and fulfilling connection to who you are— thus to all of Life Itself. You will discover how to 'stay' with yourself unconditionally. No matter what you experience in the journey of being human. You've have got yourself- you've got your back. This is where true safety and inner stability arise from.
Please join me for this exploration as my FREE GIFT to you
Reclaiming Your
Primary Relationship to Self

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Hello! My name is Ajaya Sommers

Founder of a unique somatic discovery process called, Core Embodiment® — an integrated system of embodiment practices, principles and perceptual orientations to awaken and align with the power of your human potential.  I am also a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Integration Teacher, a NARM practitioner (Neuro-affective-relational model) as well as an Authorized Continuum Teacher.

For the past 27 years Ajaya has been instrumental in facilitating conscious evolution in thousands of people’s lives as a  teacher, author, public speaker and creative catalyst in the field of psycho-spiritual somatic integration.

She designs and facilitates training programs for professionals, leads retreats, and offers both live and on-line group platforms for organizations that are ecologically regenerative, socially just and spiritually connected. All of her programs are grounded in science, expanded through devotional practice and made real through direct experience.

You are invited to join Ajaya for this FREE 5 DAY TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY, so that we can dive in together, fostering your own unique expression and fulfillment.

"Fantastic learning and workshop “Taking Refuge”. If you are a therapist, Doctor, healer, transformational educator or health care provider looking to self-improve - the teachings Ajaya has will serve you well. Not only for your professional toolbelt but for your own self-actualization.

A wealth of information and many pieces are laid out throughout the process and all tied together at the end to bring it all home. After decades of sitting across from others in my practice I believe this is what I’ve been looking for. Don’t miss this chance and treat yourself to a wonderful learning and adventure."

Nick Gargala B.S., M.S.S.W., Ed.

“Ajaya is one of those rare healers who can see directly into your core, understand your needs (deeper than you know yourself), and offer sacred healing to your most hidden, needy places in the deep psyche. She is filled with kindness and light, so healing comes as naturally as if you were bathed in love by the Goddess herself. Don’t miss the opportunity to be touched and guided by this divine healer — no matter what ails you.”

-Lion Goodman, PCC, creator of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training,
After one session with Ajaya, I knew that I had found someone who could guide me into my deepest longing to come home to myself. With incredible tenderness and wisdom, Ajaya creates a space to rediscover and remember the simple and potent beauty of living from the heart, and experiencing the embodied fullness of being. I come away from every session with such immense gratitude for her depth of knowledge and ability to foster such intimacy and truth. As a therapist, I treasure how presence has the capacity to transform, and being in Ajaya’s presence is transformative. She is not only changing my life, but she is also empowering me to a greater vessel of healing for others. I feel so honored to have such an incredible healer, teacher, and companion in my life.

-Kailey Nykai, MA, CAGS, LMHC, LCDP
Reclaim your Primary Relationship with Self
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“Ajaya's keen intuition and spot-on insight make her an unusually effective and efficient healer. In our first session she taught me a simple method that I can do anywhere to relieve stress. The method is surprisingly pleasurable, which increases the likelihood that I will do it a hundredfold.
Moreover, she did what many practitioners, and even highly skilled doctors, fail to do: she articulated a clear rationale for what we are doing that all but guarantees what professionals call "patient compliance." In other words she got both my body and my mind on board.”

Geralyn Gendreau LMFT

“A Course in Thriving definitely worked its alchemical magic on me! I came out of it with so much inspiration and life force moving through me! It feels like it returned me to my own innocent nature, and source of life. What a gift! Thank you, Ajaya!” —

Effie Dobbertin LFT

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