For Coaches, Therapists & Service Professionals Ready to Transform Your Current Growth Edge into a Whole New Level of Inspired Leadership and Embodiment.

 4-Day Transformational Intimacy Experience
To Embody Your Whole-Self

  Facilitated by Ajaya Sommers
August 19-22 2022 12pm PST - 90 min each day
Learn how to transform the stubborn patterns & debilitating reactions
that keep you dis-empowered and reclaim your agency, once and for all!

In this 4 - day journey from Imprint to Blueprint, you are invited to explore the contours of your most direct and intimate experience of Being Human.

Our personal and collective unresolved history, traumas and fixation patterns are stored within the neuro-pathways of our tissues, frozen in time, thus clouding our direct experience. In these chronic places where we feel dis-empowered to create change— we tend toward shaming, blaming or judging ourselves or others which only brings to bear further suffering. The greatest suffering of all stems from the concretizing of these false identities that are based in a fundamental mis-perception of who we are.

You see, Trauma is not what happened to you—or who is to blame or how to resolve the complex of dis-regulated sensations and emotions—
 it’s how you have internalized it and made it into an
identity of separation.

For most of us, we simple need a corrective environment in which we can allow these chronic places of identification to be seen for what they are. Any habit pattern or addiction has simply been serving a false sense of safety, a false sense of ground and attempting to fill the emptiness that you have not yet discovered how to fill in with your own essence.

The good news is that we can allow these hard, icy cold places to thaw, unwind and be metabolized by the warmth of our loving presence. In this way, we discover how to participate in creating the safety and trust required to open to an embodied intimate relatedness with ourselves, Life and one another.

The art of genuine transformation requires that we create an inner climate in which we are in touch with our wholeness. Wholeness is your original blueprint. It is the space that you developed inside of as an embryo in your mothers womb. Accessing your Wholeness is still today the space in which you can relax into the most vital, vulnerable and awake with feeling - center of your own Love.

To discover how to stay deeply seated in your innate Wholeness, while also tending the places that feel broken or fragmented, lost or scared; this is the tender edge where transformation and integration occur, my friends.

This is the tender edge we walk upon if want to live our fullest expression of being alive, authentic and connected.

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UNLOCK Your Core Wisdom Centers To Reclaim your Agency  :
 Discover pleasurable practices for regulating your nervous system & staying grounded.

Learn how to work with any reaction (trigger) as an opening into deeper self- agency & sovereignty.
Connect with the Feeling Sentience of your body as a trustworthy guidance system.
Connect with your Deep Heart to feel fully present and safe to open to your honest, direct experience in the present moment.

Discover how reclaiming your Primary Relationship with Self has a tangible bodily location and is the basis for authentic connection with another.

Befriend your attachment system and discover a new way of honoring your boundaries.
Often the deepest blessings of Life are shrouded in the intimate initiations or mystery schools we call love, loss, illness, trauma, death and all manner of things that involve not being in control. All of these inevitable initiations rattle our attachment system and ironically are also designed to open our hearts! Life, when you are ready, will deliver you home to a deeper place of safety, that has nothing to do with control. (HINT: It does have a lot to do with being at choice.)

When we peer through the lens of our original developmental blueprints of the human embryo and natural law itself, we can re-frame these inevitable initiations of Life as essential substantive blessings of nature. Allowing us to be here and to be who we are— not as a flaw or failure to the design or the path, but as primary ingredients to the alchemy involved in deepening our most human and divine evolution, embodiment and service.
Over the 4 days for 90 min each day, you will:
Experience your birthright for genuine intimacy and connection with yourself, others,  and the Source of Life itself. We will allow this primacy of  intimacy from your heart to fill up your entire body/mind/core. In this way your system can settle and feel safe to open, reclaiming all directions of your attention. Fortifying a deeper stability and felt sense of being 'at home' as one coherency of body, mind, heart and Life. We will explore through somatic core embodiment practices: sound, touch, breath, perceptual orientations and intimate, honest inquiry.
Please join me for this introductory experience of the Core Embodiment Practices.
We will meet over zoom for approximately
90 minutes each day.
All sessions are recorded and replays are yours to keep.
August 19, 20, 21, 22, 2022

Hello! My name is Ajaya Sommers

Founder of a unique somatic discovery process called, Core Embodiment® — an integrated system of embodiment practices, principles and perceptual orientations to awaken and align with the power of your human potential.  I am also a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Integration Teacher, a NARM practitioner (Neuro-affective-relational model) as well as an Authorized Continuum Teacher.

For the past 27 years I have been instrumental in facilitating conscious evolution in thousands of people’s lives as a  teacher, author, public speaker and creative catalyst in the field of psycho-spiritual somatic integration.

I design and facilitate training programs for professionals, lead retreats, and offer both live and on-line group platforms for organizations that are ecologically regenerative, socially just and spiritually connected. All of my programs are grounded in science, expanded through devotional practice and made real through direct experience.

I invite you to join me for this 4-DAY TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY, so that we can dive in together, fostering your own unique expression and fulfillment.
"I attended Ajaya Sommers' Imprint to Blueprint series seeking some further insight and information about the effects of pre-natal and intrauterine influences on perception and behaviors. I was rewarded with a rich melange of both scientific details and deep spiritual infusion, nicely mixed in what I can only call an invitation to initiation. Ajaya took me on a journey that gave rise for me to want to study more with her and become more immersed in her ideas and practices. Do yourself a favor--don't miss this sparkling opportunity!"

Stefan J. Malecek, Ph.D., Author and Psychologist

"Fantastic learning and workshop “Taking Refuge”. If you are a therapist, Doctor, healer, transformational educator or health care provider looking to self-improve - the teachings Ajaya has will serve you well. Not only for your professional toolbelt but for your own self-actualization.

A wealth of information and many pieces are laid out throughout the process and all tied together at the end to bring it all home. After decades of sitting across from others in my practice I believe this is what I’ve been looking for. Don’t miss this chance and treat yourself to a wonderful learning and adventure."

Nick Gargala B.S., M.S.S.W., Ed.

“Ajaya is one of those rare healers who can see directly into your core, understand your needs (deeper than you know yourself), and offer sacred healing to your most hidden, needy places in the deep psyche. She is filled with kindness and light, so healing comes as naturally as if you were bathed in love by the Goddess herself. Don’t miss the opportunity to be touched and guided by this divine healer — no matter what ails you.”

-Lion Goodman, PCC, creator of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training,
After one session with Ajaya, I knew that I had found someone who could guide me into my deepest longing to come home to myself. With incredible tenderness and wisdom, Ajaya creates a space to rediscover and remember the simple and potent beauty of living from the heart, and experiencing the embodied fullness of being. I come away from every session with such immense gratitude for her depth of knowledge and ability to foster such intimacy and truth. As a therapist, I treasure how presence has the capacity to transform, and being in Ajaya’s presence is transformative. She is not only changing my life, but she is also empowering me to a greater vessel of healing for others. I feel so honored to have such an incredible healer, teacher, and companion in my life.

-Kailey Nykai, MA, CAGS, LMHC, LCDP
If you feel called, please sign up for this introductory experience of
Core Embodiment ®. For those ripe and ready to meet at the intersection of
Creative Leadership, Transformational Intimacy &
Embodied Wholeness.
You can take this workshop for your own personal growth and development even if you are not currently working as a service professional.

 4-Day Transformational Intimacy Experience

DAY ONE: You will be re-enchanted with the original blueprint of your human design as a core symbol of Wholeness. I will take you on a magical and miraculous slide show of your origin story as a love story.
DAY TWO: You will have many 'ah-hah' moments as we go deeper into the journey of your developmental & archetypal needs, the impact of developmental trauma, the formation of identity as well as how to grow your capacity for relational intimacy.
DAY THREE: We will go deep into an experiential process of unwinding from identifications that no longer serve us, as well how we can use any trigger or reaction as a way to fortify ones core self.
DAY FOUR: Q&A and more on the inner map and territory of Core Embodiment. How embodying your 3 core wisdom centers can support you and your clients in coming home to rest as your true self, being free from developmental trauma and thriving in all aspects of your precious life.

Learn to create profound and sustainable transformation in your clients – and in yourself – in only 4 days!
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“I recently attended a 5 day retreat in Hawaii with Ajaya.  Honestly, I did not really know what to expect as I had never done the practice of continuum. I was absolutely blown away by Ajaya’s ability to hold the intimate and entirely safe space for healing and organic unwinding.  I am in awe and gratitude for the healing that happened for me during the retreat, as I trusted the process and my body’s own innate intelligence. As a psychotherapist, I have attended many workshops and retreats, and this was an experience like no other in its ability to reach the depths. The presence that Ajaya IS was there to support and facilitate our work, and revealed a beautiful presence in myself, an irresistible beauty that cannot be denied once seen.”
Margie Stornetta, MFT, Santa Rosa,CA

“A Course in Thriving definitely worked its alchemical magic on me!
I came out of it with so much inspiration and life force moving through me! It feels like it returned me to my own innocent nature, and source of life. What a gift! Thank you, Ajaya!” —
Effie Dobbertin LFT
 “The way of tenderness is an experiential, non-intellectual, heartfelt acknowledgment of all embodied difference. It a flexibility of perception, rather than a settling into beliefs.”
~ Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

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