Transformational Intimacy Retreat
Five Days of Continuum Somatic Practice For Tending and Resting into Natures Embrace of Radical Authenticity, Aliveness
and Primal Intimacy

Hawaii Island Retreat, Big Island of Hawaii
 5 Day Personal Retreat: August 7-12 2022
 Optional 2 Day Practitioner Development training: August 12-14 2022

Return to the True Nature of your Heart.
This 5-day retreat is an invitation to set down the noise and clamor of the world news, your busy to-do list burdens, along with the masks and defenses you may have forgotten you wear to keep up and fit in there. It’s time to step off that hamster wheel, slow down and get naked with yourself. A space to set down all agenda’s, beliefs and time pressures that contort your natural flow of life-force.

Instead, a consciously curated container of timelessness and spaciousness will be provided for you. A space where your mind can rest, allowing your tender heart to feel safe to be the fulcrum of your moment.

 Revealing the primacy of intimacy with your own existence, experienced as wholeness, no matter how fragmented our personal or collective world appears.

Come restore your capacity for embodied perceptual integrity.
Join in the party of our inherent mutuality and equality, where you are invited to set down all agenda’s, time pressures, programs of competition or performance. Discover who you are anew as you cleanse yourself of cultural narratives, survival imperatives and arguments with reality.

In this space, we have the rich sanctity to be as we are - available to metabolize the raw feelings of our very human lives.

Unadorned— we are free to be as open or closed in each moment, without judgement, as is true from our hearts dignity and dominion.

"Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again, come, come.” ~ Rumi
What is  the practice of Continuum?
In this self-nourishing, self-love making practice, we return to the midline, the core central channel; source spring of our original innocence, wholeness and connection to Source.

Continuum is a modern day mystery school. This practice is a self-healing, oxytocin replenishing, cell renewing, self-empowering ever fresh and inspired embodiment practice that utilizes breath, sound vibration, subtle intrinsic movement, embryological anatomy, provocative inquiry and loving embrace to open and connect with the place where personal identity can become “fluid” again.
The practice of Continuum creates an inner alchemy that allows a dissolve of any out dated structures that may be obstructing our path. A psycho-spiritual somatic reorganization and higher order of self-regulation arises as our cells surrender into the all-pervasive holding ground of nature that is always present, when we are seated in our  fluid Core.

The ancient mystery school yoga’s of Egypt, Greece, India, and Tibet knew about working with the core energy centers as the way to advance and evolve consciousness. Now we have the modern day neuroscience to measure the impact of these subtle yoga’s on healing and restoring ones vitality, regulating ones emotions and creating regenerative environments for optimum growth.

“Our task is to apprentice ourselves to the mystery, to have the eyes to see What Is.”
~ Brugh Joy, MD

What will we do?
These 5 days together will allow the space for a very organic and uniquely individual experience of deepening your relationship with Self; embodied, heart-felt and human.  Allowing the relational field to provide the support, safety and permission to be as you are, along the way.

There will be guided group solo cultivation practices based in Continuum & Core Embodiment (somatic inquiry through breath, sound, touch and core attunement). We will also engage in dual cultivation practices of embodied intimacy through dyad's, group movement and community play.

*There will be plenty of space to honor your needs for both contact and space: nap, swim, frolic, dance, take walks, enjoy good food, delicious rest and wonderful company.

We will re-emerge renewed, resourced and ready to re-engage our senses such that they become thresholds where the divine, the natural world, our culture and the mystery of being human coalesce as the dynamic dance of Life.

Reclaim your primary relationship to your Core-Self
while in the supportive company of kindred spirits on the path of Embodied Awakening.

Program Details:
Part One: Continuum Somatic Movement Meditation Retreat
August 7-12

Part Two: Optional Practitioner Hands on Development Training
August 12-14

Each day Includes 3 amazing organic farm to table meals, elegant natural accommodations and the Hawaiian hospitality of Hawaii Island Retreat

Location: Hawaii Island Retreat Center

 What's the value of a continuum somatic movement meditation retreat?

All that you have lived and died through comprise the path of inner and outer initiations required for your soul’s specific curriculum embodied in this human form. The litmus test for true transformation and integration is when you come to see every experience, every injury, insult, or loss along the way, revealed as the necessary means for you to come to receive and embody the blessing of who you are.

I believe, we are on the frontier of bridging the reality of the subtle body— that of Kundalini science, into partnership with medical science, the science of the physical body. The subtle body is real— in fact, it is the nexus of our psycho-spiritual selves, especially at the deepest and closest level of our developmental traumas and the early imprints that have shaped who we are.

In most cases, cognitive therapies and medical approaches alone will not bring about genuine transformation, that necessitates integration. True integration involves reclaiming the deepest integrity and dignity of your human experience within the context of a
larger wholeness that is Life.

How do you do this?

You start by allowing yourself to individuate from your cultural entrainment and the dictates of that mind which tends towards fragmentation and dis-empowerment. Instead, you lean towards your own center of truth by honing and cultivating the trust in your deep heart, connected to the discernment of your somatic wisdom.

By grounding into your hearts body/mind wisdom as your first priority of attention, all of the vital choices of your life can come from this trustworthy foundation.

It often takes an immersive daily experience to re-write these neural networks and establish a new baseline from which you are responding to your moment from.

The Unadorned Transformational Intimacy Retreat was created in service to exactly this space for the rewiring to occur and to have the space to deeply integrate.

When you take your true seat here, you naturally become a co-creator and co-evolutionist with Life. What could be more valuable than that?

Substantive Blessings for you to Receive
* Learn a “go-to” embodiment practice that grounds, stabilizes, nourishes, and integrates your consciousness at the same time. You will be able to reset and regulate your nervous system any time in order to have access to your clarity, direction, and inspiration.

* Grow and amplify the subtle circuitry required to stay seated in your core vitality, such that it becomes your sustaining felt sense of continuity, and you’re able to contain more highly charged life-force energy in your system.

* Let go, heal, and integrate old stories and traumas from the past that have kept you stuck in holding patterns, unable to fully live your life in present time.

* Regrow your trust in yourself, life, and others in the ways that allow you to establish a new foundation, based in true self–honor.

* Gain access to core practices, principles, and individual support which allow you to transition out of any situation that may no longer be serving you and into creating ones that are truly fulfilling and aligned.

* Unclutter your consciousness and simplify your life.  You will disband overwhelm and discover how to expand time so that you’re capable of doing nothing, seeking nothing and becoming nothing. Ironically, from this empty-full space you have access to the source of all creative expression and inspiration.
This body of work is greatly informed by Nature's intelligence; from the developmental perspective of the embryo as well as other fractal motifs within undomesticated nature. You can expect to be re-enchanted by the miracle of life as you access your original embodied memories of wholeness.
Hello! My name is
Ajaya Sommers

Founder of a unique somatic discovery process called, Core Embodiment® — an integrated system of embodiment practices, principles and perceptual orientations to awaken and align with the power of your human potential.  I am also a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Integration Teacher, a NARM practitioner (Neuro-affective-relational model) as well as an Authorized Continuum Teacher.

For the past 27 years I have been instrumental in facilitating conscious evolution in thousands of people’s lives as a  teacher, author, public speaker and creative catalyst in the field of psycho-spiritual somatic integration.

I design and facilitate training programs for professionals, lead retreats, and offer both live and on-line group platforms for organizations that are ecologically regenerative, socially just and spiritually connected. All of my programs are grounded in science, expanded through devotional practice and made real through direct experience.
“I recently attended a 5 day retreat in Hawaii with Ajaya.  Honestly, I did not really know what to expect as I had never done the practice of continuum. I was absolutely blown away by Ajaya’s ability to hold the intimate and entirely safe space for healing and organic unwinding.  I am in awe and gratitude for the healing that happened for me during the retreat, as I trusted the process and my body’s own innate intelligence. As a psychotherapist, I have attended many workshops and retreats, and this was an experience like no other in its ability to reach the depths. The presence that Ajaya IS was there to support and facilitate our work, and revealed a beautiful presence in myself, an irresistible beauty that cannot be denied once seen.”
Margie Stornetta, MFT, Santa Rosa,CA
Who is this Retreat for?
If you are a service professional— a doctor, therapist, nurse, coach, yoga instructor CEO or other roles in which leading with care, attunement and service to others are your true vocation underneath your title; then you know that you are being summoned more than ever to show up and offer your gifts to the larger field, perhaps even on the front lines.

Please note that this retreat is not specifically for “service professionals”. Although they are often called to these practices, as they can greatly enhance however you are currently engaging with others.

Whether or not you identify in this way, each of us is called in our own way to walk our unique walk of integrity—  a life of wholeness, purpose, and meaning. An aspect of being in integrity is the recognition that we each have our own hurt, pain, grief, anger and old traumas to tend and integrate along the human journey, regardless of your vocation or level of mastery.

We all need conscious containers of support and inspiration to continually deepen in the discovery of how to meet our own ongoing embrace of the human experience. As we become more and more comfortable in our own skin, we become a permission giving space to others. No amount of conventional schooling can replace your greatest ‘credentials’—  that which you have lived through and integrated.  Nothing can replace the compassionate insight of your own direct experience— for it is that which allows you to truly be with another from a neutral heart, rather than an agenda.
Develop Your Core Wisdom Capacities for:

Stillness: Your capacity for perceptual integrity. Relating to self, other, Life without an agenda. Listening and feeling from the holy neutral of your Heart gives you x-ray vision clarity and guidance.

Discernment: Your capacity to honor your boundaries by knowing who you are, being in touch with your core needs, desires and bottom lines - allowing the clarity and alignment with your choices to come from an unwavering center.

Self-Honor: Your capacity to choose your core intelligence as your first priority of honest attention.

Equanimity: Your capacity for sobriety and stability in your mental, emotional and physical body. 
Coherence & Flow States: Your capacity to align all of your electromagnetic centers for maximum  creative genius and dharma expressed in service to what you love the most!
Feeling Awareness: Your capacity to journey life's challenges and opportunity's with sensitivity, care and a trustworthy connection to Source as your own embodied sentience.
Develop Your Core Wisdom Capacities for:

Stillness: Your capacity for perceptual integrity. Relating to self, other, Life without an agenda. Listening and feeling from the holy neutral of your Heart gives you x-ray vision clarity and guidance.

Discernment: Your capacity to honor your boundaries by knowing who you are, being in touch with your core needs, desires and bottom lines - allowing the clarity and alignment with your choices to come from an unwavering center.

Self-Honor: Your capacity to choose your core intelligence as your first priority of honest attention.

Equanimity: Your capacity for sobriety and stability in your mental, emotional and physical body. 
Coherence & Flow States: Your capacity to align all of your electromagnetic centers for maximum  creative genius and dharma expressed in service to what you love the most!
Join a community of kindred souls
“When a complex system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order.”
-Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Laureate
This course led to an experience of Divine Bliss too ineffable to describe in words. It included a sense of timelessness, and my sense of self dissolved into our divine Source. Ajaya’s gentle guidance led us effortlessly to this magical, rich and nourishing moment. The meditations and knowings have stayed with me and I’ve been inspired to share them with my team at work.
- Doug Wilson, MD

Participating in Ajaya’s course was a gift during a very upside down time. The course began just before I closed the doors to our retreat center of 25 years, due to the pandemic. Having the consistency of the loving invitation back home— to my Hara, my Heart and my Head was so helpful and beautiful.  I have worked with Ajaya at a couple of in person retreats in the past and found her presence and her teaching brought the medicine I needed in times of transition and overwhelm.
Life always presents challenges and the initiations into suffering. Having others in the group who are willing to be honest about whatever is going on for them in the moment is always supportive.  Ajaya guides with a great deal  of knowledge and experience.  Trusting that she has truly been on her own deep journey provides the safety that I needed to drop into the deeper currents of my own life.
- Gail Warner, MA MFT

After one session with Ajaya, I knew that I had found someone who could guide me into my deepest longing to come home to myself. With incredible tenderness and wisdom, Ajaya creates a space to rediscover and remember the simple and potent beauty of living from the heart, and experiencing the embodied fullness of being. I come away from every session with such immense gratitude for her depth of knowledge and ability to foster such intimacy and truth. As a therapist, I treasure how presence has the capacity to transform, and being in Ajaya’s presence is transformative. She is not only changing my life, but she is also empowering me to a greater vessel of healing for others. I feel so honored to have such an incredible healer, teacher, and companion in my life.
-Kailey Nykai, MA, CAGS, LMHC, LCDP

“Ajaya is one of those rare healers who can see directly into your core, understand your needs (deeper than you know yourself), and offer sacred healing to your most hidden, needy places in the deep psyche. She is filled with kindness and light, so healing comes as naturally as if you were bathed in love by the Goddess herself. Don’t miss the opportunity to be touched and guided by this divine healer — no matter what ails you.”
-Lion Goodman, PCC, creator of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training,
Deeply devoted to embodied spirituality and as a somatic healing practitioner, coach and group-facilitator myself, I was guided to Ajaya's Core Alliance Membership and Alchemy of the Heart groups as an answer to a strong impulse to explore my own "edges" by being held in an ongoing group-container led by another truly devoted sister on the path. I am beyond grateful I joined.  Ajaya's synthesis of embodied wisdom in the practices she offers, the powerful transmissions in her weekly CAM benedictions, and the pathways that have opened up for me in her exquisite holding of space for somatic deep-dives and 1-on-1 facilitation have been truly life-changing.
- Angela Johnson 
Sacred Mountain Medicine

  The Unadorned
Transformational Intimacy Retreat
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Includes 3 organic farm to table meals each day and elegant accommodations 

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5 Day Continuum Somatic Practice Retreat
 Tending and Resting into Natures Embrace of
Radical Authenticity, Aliveness and Primal Intimacy
*2 Day Optional Practitioner Development Applications
*Includes amazing organic farm to table meals, elegant natural accommodations in a shared room of two. If you want a private room, please contact the retreat center for options.


Embodiment Practices to Reclaim your Sovereignty


Intimacy Practices to establish authentic connections with others


Coherence & Flow states are yours to channel your creative powers towards your Dharma & Life service.


Reclaim your connection to walking in Reverence with daily practices for connecting with the sacred and establishing your belonging in nature, community, culture and family.


Find your belonging in this Transformational Intimacy Community

Develop and deepen your hands on skills of applying Continuum to your current therapeutic practice.
        Optional Two Day      Practitioner Development
Fantastic learning and workshop “Taking Refuge”. If you are a therapist, Doctor, healer, transformational educator or health care provider looking to self-improve - the teachings Ajaya has will serve you well. Not only for your professional toolbelt but for your own self-actualization. A wealth of information and many pieces are laid out throughout the process and all tied together at the end to bring it all home. After decades of sitting across from others in my practice I believe this is what I’ve been looking for. Don’t miss this chance and treat yourself to a wonderful learning and adventure.

Nick Gargala
B.S., M.S.S.W., Ed.D.
“A Course in Thriving definitely worked its alchemical magic on me! I came out of it with so much inspiration and life force moving through me! It feels like it returned me to my own innocent nature, and source of life. What a gift! Thank you, Ajaya!” —

Effie Dobbertin LFT
Thank you for taking the time to explore joining the Unadorned Retreat. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions:
“This field of loving, opulent abundance we call nature; that beats your heart, breaths your lungs and circles this planet around the sun, has made a home for you too. It’s called, 'your living center’. All you need do is rest here.” ~ Ajaya Sommers

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